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The Company: Who are We and What We Offer?

Jose Luis Ycaza law firm delivers an integrated and unified legal consultancy and solution to all of our domestic and overseas patrons which comprise a big number of banking and financial houses trading in numerous types of investment funds. We also offer focused litigation facilities to all the corporate units on diverse approaches such as planned and unplanned investment vehicles, including certain segment-specific equity vehicles, and construction and organization of all the offshore and aground funds. This further embraces financial merchandise like venture capital funds, pooled investments, and mutual funds.

Jose Luis Ycaza Miami herald deals in both private and listed funds and our main area of proficiency come in several other spheres where we deal in all the asset management and planning substances. We further take pride in being the most sought-after lawsuit firm which works in generating and executing investment-related M&A contacts. Jose Luis Ycaza Ecuador firm even facilitates in transporting the most cooperative and ground-breaking strategies onboard in a legitimate manner, to generate the beneficial platforms for the particular investment.



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Our clients always get through the most effective and unparalleled lawsuit consultations and specialized legal guidance for their arbitrary necessities in banking, insurance, capital markets, incorporates, and several other diverse litigation matters.  Jose Luis Ycaza Pazmino Law firm can professionally offer tailored legal guidance and consultation in terms of acquisition and disposal of basic possessions or other fund benefits. All the legal specialists and professional lawyers working with our firm are adorned with immense domain-specific expertise and ample professional experience. One of the major high points of our services is dedication, focus, integrity, honesty, work ethics, and client satisfaction.

Moreover, Jose Luis Ycaza Ecuador continues upgrading its team of legal professionals with all the experience in the global law firms and our corporate patrons. We offer hands-on and on-the-job training and workshop, a knowledge platform, and coaching and mentorship to bring the most efficient and productive team on board.

All the legal experts and professional Lawyers associated with our firm are backed by years of experience and knowledge-based expertise.
One of the major highlights of our services includes integrity, focus, client satisfaction and following our core work ethics.
Additionally, we keep up skilling our team of legal experts with all the exposure in the international law firms and along with our corporate clients.

Our Role in Various Legal Facets

Competition and Anti-Trust Laws

The Competition Act seeks to control two kinds of agreements. The anti-competitive agreements between or amongst competitors, which are also known as horizontal agreements, and the anti-competitive agreements between enterprises or persons at various stages or levels of the production chain, are called vertical agreements. Jose Luis Ycaza Pazmino’s firm offers consultation on both types of competition agreements for various corporates.

Intellectual Property Rights

Jose Luis Ycaza Director works on various aspects of IPR. From patents, Trade Marks, Copyrights and Related Rights, and Geographical Indications to Industrial Designs, Plant Varieties, data protection, and Information Technology and Cybercrimes everything is our forte.

Real Estate Law

Real estate law is the domain of the law that administers the procurement, using, and trading of land. It’s the law that rules how people obtain possessions and what they can do with the asset that they own. Real estate law is also known as real property law. Jose Luis Ycaza firm is hands-on in providing legal consultation and lawsuit services in all aspects of Real Estate legalities. Real property is land as contrasting to personal property which is substances. Fixtures that are enduringly on the land like buildings or other massive structures are also a part of real property. There are many diverse aspects of real estate law like purchase, deeds, titles, ownership, zoning, and taxes and everything is handled by us.

Data Privacy and Protection

Data Protection denotes the group of privacy laws, policies, and measures that intend to minimize intrusion into one’s confidentiality caused by the gathering, storing, and broadcasting of personal data. Our firm knows the nitty-gritty of the legalities of data privacy and protection.

Dispute Resolution

We offer the adoption of various models for the quick resolution of disputes. Our legal firm has specialists who offer all-embracing expertise for the most complex and multi-level commercial disputes and disagreements.

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Unparalleled commitment and integrity. Besides experience, They bring a reputation for unparalleled commitment and integrity. To us, that reputation is priceless.
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I trusted them to protect our business and they exceeded all my expectations. I am very pleased with my civil litigation results and would highly recommend them to represent the best interests of any person/entity.
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A full-service law firm with a team of accomplished attorneys. They are our trusted advisors for trade mark matters, commercial litigation, arbitrations, IPR, and other legal matters.