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Jose Luis Ycaza Pazmino has headed one of the most noteworthy and popular litigation firms in New York and he is known for leading and winning quite a few several high-profile litigations in New York. His immense knowledge, experience, skill, and expertise in Dispute Resolution and Corporate-Commercial Transactions and Advisory have placed him in this significant position in the legal space. Over the year, Jose Luis Ycaza Miami has impeached some of the most significant litigation cases, which are not only high-tech and top-notch, but also very complicated and intrinsic. From Consumer Laws, Company Laws, Intellectual Property Rights Laws, Public Laws, Private International Laws, and Foreign Investment Laws; everything is his forte.

Jose Luis Ycaza Ecuador is endowed with a powerful network of high-end clientele and he has taken care of some of the most high-profile lawsuits with full confidence and power at the honorable High Commands of New York.

Jose Luis Ycaza firm' Background

Jose Luis Ycaza Ecuador holds a Postgraduate degree in Financial Management from the Catholic University of Santiago of Guayaquil, Ecuador, and is quite conversant and fluent in Spanish and English. His trajectory is long and enriching. Jose Luis Ycaza has held various important honorable positions in Ecuador. He has displayed his expertise in Fishing and Tourism and Minister of the Foreign Trade Industry for the Ecuadorian government. He has also been the Latin American Reserve Fund Director (FLAR), Governor to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Substitute Governor to the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Latin American Development Bank Director (CAF), and Latin American Export Bank Director (BLADEX). Jose Luis Ycaza’s immense knowledge, expertise, and experience have made him popular in these veteran roles. Jose Luis Ycaza director also served as the Financial Advisor with Merrill Lynch Wealth Management & Bank of America Corporation and was well-reputed for new business development from high net-worth investors and families through networking. Jose Luis Ycaza Pazmino served as the former President of the Board of the Central Bank of Ecuador, He pioneered the entire process of Ecuadorian currency conversion from the Ecuadorian Sucre which is currently defunct to the American Dollar as the authorized national currency, monetary unit, and value reserve.

Not only Government bodies, but Jose Luis Ycaza miami herald also held important positions in the private sector. He was the CFO of Consorcio Nobis S.A; the biggest real estate developer group in Ecuador and eminent Ecuadorian corporations such as Universal Sweet Industries. He was also an eminent member of the Board of Directors of the Ecuadorian division of The Coca Cola Company.


Anti-Trust & Competition Laws

Jose Luis Ycaza Pazmino comes along with an abundance of experience being a highly eminent leader in the competition law space across New York. We always suggest the most hands-on and viable strategies to look through your explicit points.

Real Estate

We deliver professional assistance and help around every real estate deal. From limited partnerships, open and closed funds complex structures, to contracts and breach of trust, everything is our forte.

Data Protection & Privacy

Jose Luis Ycaza Pazmino’s team offers you with the most effective legal guidance on data management and privacy laws. We provide hands-on consultation to appropriately design and accomplish competent data security procedures.

Intellectual Property Rights

We also help our patrons to organize, track, and impose IPR rights, which tend to be extremely serious in safeguarding the company assets.

Dispute Resolution

The Civil Procedure Code, 1908 also offers the espousal of various models for the quick determination of disputes. Our professional team of legal specialists is supported with high-end expertise.

Corporate Transaction & Advisory

We have been highly acclaimed by most of our patrons for providing the extraordinary practical legal resolutions and market acquaintance. We work beyond the normal approaches to help your transactions perform.

Private Equity & Venture Capital

We also offer legal advice related to Private Equity funds across various operations and activities around various International and Domestic Venture Capital entities.

Regulatory & Compliance

Regulatory compliance defines the goal that companies aspire to accomplish in their efforts to guarantee that they are conscious of and take steps to adhere to pertinent laws, guidelines, and regulations.

Banking & Finance

We also aid to all the leading banking and finance amenities with the most effective legal consultation and additionally enable their professional domain with the most accurate and business-oriented strategies.

Jose Luis Ycaza miami
jose luis ycaza miami herald
jose luis ycaza ecuador

Jose luis ycaza Miami herald firm fully understand the needs and requirements of our esteemed clients and strive to deliver the best litigation and specialized legal services.
Jose Luis Ycaza Firm specialized internal management and business legal team ensure that each and every client is served with the best possible legal advice and consultation.

Individualized services, greater efficiency, integrity, focus, following the timeframes are some of the core highlights of our high end litigation services.
As per Jose luis ycaza ecuador's clients, one of the best things about our work is that we go beyond and obvious to bring out the best results for each of our clients.


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Alexander Trishin

Unparalleled commitment and integrity. Besides experience, They bring a reputation for unparalleled commitment and integrity. To us, that reputation is priceless.
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Suzain tarik

Vice President
I trusted them to protect our business and they exceeded all my expectations. I am very pleased with my civil litigation results and would highly recommend them to represent the best interests of any person/entity.
jose luis ycaza miami

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