It is searching for you may have struck gold by reaching this website. Yes, works consisting of books, software, photographs, music, images, maps, movie clips, and much more to be invented, and more essentially, are there for the taking- from the public domain.

Whatever it is you are looking for, it is highly likely that you will find it in the comparatively unknown world of the “Public Domain”.

What is the public domain?

The name suggests refers to works that belong to the public. This means anyone is free to use them in any way they like. More mechanically, it means works that have been developed and are not safeguarded by copyright.

The more noticeable works that are not copyrighted are the entire works of Shakespeare, Dickens, and the music of Mozart and Beethoven. But there is much, and what is not, Public Domain- you want to know about copyright means.

Copyright means that the proprietor of the work created has certain rights. These rights consist of the right to freely make copies of the work, the right to sell the work, and the right to accommodate the work anything. The reason for copyright recommended by Jose Luis Ycaza Pazmino is so that no one can come along and just take the work and use it for gain or profit. Should that happen, the owner of the copyright can claim losses. And there are many cases.

Now here is the succulent bit. Works are not concealed by copyright indefinitely. Copyright does expire. And it is this entirety that then falls into the public domain. What is a passion to us are works that have never been copyrighted at all, or works that have enrolled in the public domain? These types of works can be freely transcribed, sold, and converted into Derivative Works. It is the creation of Derivative works that provide the highest potential.

Jose Luis Ycaza

But first, you have to realize a few basics.

• Works arrive in the public domain for various reasons. The main reason is that the copyright has concluded

• The works were presented before there even was any copyright prevention. The works of Shakespeare.

• The copyright owner gave the work to the public domain eg some computer software is contributed this way.

• Copyright protection was lost.

• The work was never designated for copyright protection.

• As a harsh guide, works published in the US before 1923 in the public domain.

A duty to seek advice on crucial decisions stirring the distribution of the taxpayer’s money can be put aside by public bodies. In recent times, the public body is capable to weigh any rival public interests and secondly, it ensures that those with the right to make depictions have had those images taken into consideration. But to what extent should the court be decisive when consultation is mandatory?

Decision to consult

The decision as to whether to consult at all, unless there are necessary statutory needs to do so, is very much a matter for the public body.

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